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          1. The company implement the ISO9001 quality assurance model, the establishment of appropriate quality assurance system, equipped with a variety of production equipment in recent years, and a complete set of electric light detection equipment, to further strengthen quality control, and has been through the British company Moody ISO9001 registered audit and certification, and the company declared ISO14001: 2000 and ROHS certification has passed the audit.
            Changzhou Jinkai Lighting Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd. Is a totally new comprehensive electric light source manufacturer, which accomplished the transition from the stock enterprise to joint venture enterprise in 2006.




            TEL: 86-0519-86391090 86398822 FAX: 86-0519-86392875
            ADD:No.11, Donglong Road, Industrial Park of Niutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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